MONGOL NOMADIC show demonstrates traditional living way of real Mongolian nomads and breeding and using of five kinds of live stock and movement from one place to another using ox, yak, camel, and horse carts which are the carts.

MONGOL NOMADIC show have been successful since 2011 an d we have been able to see the nomadic culture of Mongolian in one place.

It is possible to visit Mongolian travelers and even children from outside Mongolia. This program is one of the advantages of having one traveler.

MONGOL NOMADIC show will take place from 10:00-12:00 am daily from May 15th to November 1, 2018.

These include:



Visit to Mongolian nomadic heritage

Introducing nomadic culture 

Accompany visitors for traditional food / tea, dairy products, fermented alcohol/

Singing with morin huur, Mongolian folk song

Introducing 5 herding animals

Demonstration of catching and milking sheep, goat

Demonstration of making dairy products

Provide dairy processing,  alcohol drinks

Archery, playing traditional games

Demonstration of making felt and tanning

Demonstration of moving one place to another use by cart, yak freight, camel and horse carts

Lunch in tourist camp



  Total price   Include
1 person  lunch 120,000 ₮

Mongol nomadic show

white dessert

fermented alcohol

national games

horse, camel, yak

national dress



no lunch 90,000 ₮
1 person / with bed / lunch 110,000 ₮
no lunch 80,000 ₮
Guide driver lunch 25,000 ₮
no lunch free
Children / 3-10 years /   50 % ₮
Children / 3 years /   free

  SHOW'S PHOTO VIEW                               SHOW'S VIDEO VIEW

It is located 50 km to the west from Ulaanbaatar.

  Tuv aimag, Argalant soum, 2nd bag Ar dulaan, Shiir khairkhan place

  98118573, 83198573, 99118573, 88118573

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